Monday, February 28, 2011

Pictures of My New Room

So here are pictures of my new school room. I took one from each corner of the room, so you get kind of a panoramic view. I also added several photos of details.

This was originally Richard's room. When we were planning his room he had this idea to paint the walls to look like we were under the sea. He said it would look more like you were underwater if the lower portion of the wall was painted the darker blue. I still love his idea. We also found this great mural from American Blinds and Wallpaper.

Here are three of the desks I bought. These were from various places. They line up nicely and they have been holding up very well. I am amazed at some of the craftsmanship that comes from long ago. These desks were made to last. The people who built them had the mindset that things shouldn't wear out.

One of the people I bought a desk from, also sold me two inkwells. One of them was actually used in the desks, and fits in the hole nicely. The other is just a pretty glass bottle.

We took the closet doors off. They were already flimsy and one of them kept coming off the track whenever it was opened. I'm not a closet door installer, and as much as I tried, I couldn't fix it. I'm considering taking off the door to the room. The last thing I need is Amelia locking herself in the room and making a giant mess of things.

Most of the toys are kept in this awesome storage unit. I bought it from a store that sells products to preschools. It has a lock on it, so if I don't want the kids getting out a bunch of toys I can lock it up.

I found this old cash register at a quilting store of all places. They found it somewhere and were using it as decor for a while. They sold it to me for about $20 when they were updating their decor. The kids love it.

The desk is an antique I found on Craigslist. I don't really like the looks of the computer, but as a homeschool mom, I know that living with history is one thing... running a modern school is a completely different thing.

I use the small filing cabinets to store all the necessary papers to show that we are actually doing school. I have one drawer for each child. Of course, right now I'm sharing a drawer with Amelia. She doesn't technically do school. Although she thinks she does.

From this corner you can see the giant antique desk I bought. I was using it for my china, but I was able to buy a different hutch. This really was intended to be used as an office piece and didn't have the little groove in the back of the shelves for plate display. The new china hutch has the plate grooves. There is enough room here to hold all of our school books, art supplies, math manipulatives, flashcards, and everything else that I have to keep on hand for school.

The center drawer pulls out and folds down to be used as an actual desk. Eventually I would like to use it as a desk, but for now it is not practical.

I only have one thing left to buy for my room. I'm waiting to find a chair that is comfortable, fits in my price range and looks old fashioned like the rest of the decor.

I think that's it on this thread. I hope that all my homeschool friends out there are blessed as I have been. May God provide you with everything you need to make homeschooling a wonderful experience.

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  1. Wow! I want to come to your school! It looks wonderful, Beth :)