Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A date with my daughter

Tonight I took my oldest girl to the Melting Pot for the first time.

Before we left she kept say, "Are we going to do anything else, or just go to the Melting Pot?"

After we got there and got started, she realized why I didn't plan anything else.

What I love about my Deborah (besides her obvious good looks):
She is honest. When the waitress came to take our drink order she politely informed her
that she's not allowed to have caffeine until she's 13 years old.

She loves mushrooms. I hated them at that age, and she eats them with gusto. She also loves lots of other veggies. I only had a short period of time when she was younger when she was a picky eater, and I now realize that a lot of her finickiness came from food sensitivities.
She has a wonderful laugh. We spent a lot of the time goofing around and being silly (as silly as you can be with a hot plate and boiling broth sitting in the middle of the table.
She is compliant. I realize this can end up being a negative factor when she starts being pressured by her peers, but right now I am just thankful that at least one of my kids is really easy to get along with.
She knows when to stop eating. My other children would have eaten the last graham cracker covered marshmallow and the few sliced strawberries just because they were left on the plate. My other children would have eaten the rest of the chocolate out of the bowl with the spoon because it was there. She stopped eating when she was satisfied.

I had a lot of fun with her tonight and I'll cherish the time I've spent with her, just the two of us.

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  1. I know a couple other people who would eat the chocolate out of the bowl with a spoon!! (or should I say I know a couple people who HAVE) HeeHee!!