Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Proud moment

I'll try to keep this short... In fact, I would have made this a status update on Facebook, but the story is too long for that venue.

I have to say I was really proud of my 15 year old son yesterday.  Here's what went down.

I picked up my BFF's 13 year old boys like I do every Monday for our homeschool co-op.  My BFF just had a baby, and my 4 year old had the sniffles, so I couldn't leave her there this time.  She sat in the back seat of our minivan and tried to talk to the boys.  They were too absorbed in their DS game to even realize she was there.  She was too far back, and the boys were too loud for me to carry on a conversation with her, so I turned on the radio to give her something to listen to and take her mind off being ignored.

As soon as the boys heard the radio one of them commented on the channel.

Z: "Classical music is like one of the worst music ever."
M: "Yeah.  It's worse than Rap." (Had to agree with him about Rap being near the bottom of the list)
Z: "Yeah, It goes Classical music, Rap, then Jazz because I hate Jazz too."

To my utter astonishment, my son decided to challenge his best friends on their emphatic statement.

R: "What's wrong with Classical?"
M: "It's just the same quiet stuff over and over."
R: "No it's not!"
Z: "Well all the lame ones are quiet."

About this time we arrived at co-op and had to turn of the beautiful song playing on the radio.

Now, here's the best part.  As we got in the car to drive home I remembered our conversation from the morning.  I decided to turn on the radio just because I'm the mom and I can.  Within a few moments Light Cavalry by Franz von Suppe came on.  I took my opportunity to make my point and when the most lively moment came on I cranked the volume.

B: "So what was that about all classical music being quiet?"
Z: "Well, all the lame ones are."
R: "So this isn't a lame one?"

Suddenly the conversation shifted to reveal their true feelings.

R: "This is for Horse Races."
M: "You know what the best horse music is?"
Z: "Yeah"
M: "The Riders of Rohan"
B: "You know the all the Lord of the Rings music is classical, right?"
M: "No, that's not classic music.  It's not 30 years old yet."
B: "Not 'classic'... 'Classical'. Even the dwarves' song in The Hobbit is classical."
Z: "Well, we like that kind of classical music then."

Anyway... I guess I'm proud first, because my son doesn't hate classical music, and second, because he didn't succumb to peer pressure and hide his true feelings.

I guess I'm also proud of my BFF's sons for sticking to their guns and when they were proven wrong, being willing to admit it.