Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To Vac or Not to Vac

I'm getting pretty tired of seeing the vaccination debate on my news feed. I've seen pro-vac, and anti-vac information shared by my wonderful parenting friends ad nauseam.  I get it.  I really do.

If you are pro-vac you want to make sure all the other parents are vaccinating their kids, because you want to make sure their kids have the best chance of fighting off these awful diseases that have plagued our country in the past.

If you are anti-vac, you not only want the pro-vac people to leave you alone, you want to make sure all those parents who are vaccinating their kids realize the dangers of current vaccination procedures and ingredients.

Well, here's my take on it.  How about we treat other parents with respect and stop trying to shove our opinions down their throats.  I understand you want to protect these innocents from the foolishness of their adult protectors, but lay off.  There are a whole lot more heinous acts being perpetrated on the children in our nation.

If you believe in evolutionary process (I do not) then survival of the fittest dictates that parents who aren't vaccinating will eventually remove their genetic strain from the gene pool.  This is the sad outcome of the evolutionary process.  

If you believe in a Divine Creator (I do), then have the peace that comes from knowing that the same God who gave you your children with the understanding that you were the best person to raise them, gave other parents their children with the same understanding.

Regardless what side of the fence you stand on, please, PLEASE, I beg you, do NOT get the government involved.  Every time you get the government involved, you give up more freedom to parent your kids the way you choose, and you raise taxes.  It may seem tempting to force other "uncaring" parents to show their children more love, but I promise you one day the tables will be turned and you will suddenly be face with a government agency demanding that you do something you are not comfortable with.
Here's something to think about next time you're tempted to post yet another article about why everyone should wise up and vaccinate their kids.  If you used government authority to force your best friend to vaccinate their kids against their will, and their child died of complications, how would you console them?

Now let's take this the other direction.  If you used government force to deny your best friend's child the vaccinations they needed, and their child died or was horribly deformed from a preventable disease, how would you console them?

How about this situation: if you had the choice to force congress to adopt a vaccination policy, or raise public school teachers salaries, which would you choose?  What if you could increase foreign aid?  What if you could reduce taxes?  What if you could give our military more support?  There are million things we could do with our tax dollars.  Is forcing the vaccination issue really the most important thing right now?