Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tackling Hair Accessories

I have three daughters who share a room.  This means that every so often (I should do it once a month, but I don't) I have to go in and help re-organize all their stuff.  Today I untangled and threw away a bunch of hair accessories and once again found myself wishing I had a good way to organize them.

So I searched Pinterest, and found a few ideas.  Then I searched the internet and found a few more.  Then I decided to walk around my house and find whatever I could to morph all those ideas into something that would not require a trip to JoAnn Fabrics (which would inevitably lead to my buying more stuff that I don't need).

I found this box in my garage.

 It's one of those monster size boxes of Greek yogurt from Costco.  Did I mention I like Greek Yogurt?  I was going to plant something in it, but that's another story.

I cut down the corners to flatten it, and removed the extra cardboard layer from the corners.

Then I glued the end flaps down.
I was going to say, "hot glue," but it's technically a cool-temp hot glue gun... whatever.
Then I glued the sides down as flat as I could.
I tried taking a picture while I hot glued, but couldn't do it one handed.

This is what it looked liked with everything flattened out.  I picked this box because I figured those little depressions in the sides would come in handy later when I tried to space everything out.

Then I cut some batting just barely smaller than the size of the flattened box.
Oh, and I put the batting on the flat side, not on the side with all the layers, but it probably doesn't matter.

Then I glued fabric around the whole thing.  I glued opposite ends  first so it would stretch nice and tight.

This is what it looked like when I was done.

Then I went upstairs and went to work organizing the hair clips and head bands.
I recycled four headbands that were a bit stretched out already by just wrapping them all the way around the board.  I might go back later and put the narrow one under the wide ones, but we'll see how it works for now.

Here is my finished product.  I'll give it a week before every single one of these things is either on the floor or crammed on a shelf again.  It was fun to make though and my older girls think it looks pretty cool.

At some point I might hang it on their wall, but for now it's just going to sit on the shelf.  I might make one for each of them and put them sideways on one of the bookshelves.  Again, we'll see.

Now I have to figure out how to store the ponytail holders and the elastic headbands.  Too bad my last oatmeal can got turned into a knitters pet.  I suppose I should give the kids more chocolate milk so I can turn the can into a headband holder.

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