Sunday, October 21, 2012

How to Pin to a Blog post

I've gotten into the world of Pinterest with a vengeance.  Unfortunately, there's one thing that frustrates me enough that I decided to write a blog about it.

How many of you have clicked on a friend's pin only to find that the link goes to a general blog rather than to the actual post that caught your friend's (and subsequently your) eye?

Here are a couple of steps to ensure that you pin the correct information so you don't send your followers on a wild goose chase.

You're perusing a blog and you find a post that you want to pin.  DO NOT: Click on the address bar and copy the text into your pin box.

Step one:  Click on the title of the blog post. This text is usually a larger, bold font at the top of the post you're looking at.
Note: If you've been looking at pages and pages of a particularly well-loved blog and you don't want to lose your place, right click on the title of the post, and open the page in a new tab.

Step two: Highlight the URL and copy the direct link to the blog post

Step three: Paste the address in the "Add a Pin" box on pinterest.  If you've been doing this wrong for a while, you might notice that suddenly you have a lot less photo's to click through to get to the one you were trying to pin.

You can try the steps right now, but if you found this link on Pinterest, most of the steps will already be done for you.  To practice, click on the title of the blog (Me and My Gals) at the top of the page.  This will take you to the front page.  If it's been a while since I wrote this post, you'll have to search for it or scroll through the blog to get back to the right post.  Then follow the instructions.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion.

Happy Pinning.  

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  1. If you're trying this out, keep in mind that this was posted in October of 2012.