Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soup Kitchen

So, the other night, my best friend and I decided to make some soup. After all, it's fall. Even though the temperatures in South Florida would bely that fact, we still want to celebrate it. With four kids a piece making a soup from scratch is sometimes a time consuming, frustrating days work, rather than a calming fall ritual.

We packed the time with plenty of good food and fun. We each bought and prepared ingredients for 3 soups. Each recipe had to be enough for 2 meals per family. All told, we made a total of 24 meals worth of soup. And I'm talking big meals. We froze the soups in gladware containers, and ziplock bags, and they should last us through the rest of the season if we don't decide to have soup more than a couple times per week.

I wish I would have taken the time to take more pictures of the event, but since it took us until 10 p.m. to finish our feat, taking pictures would have been all the more exhausting. I will try to post pictures as we use up the soups. For now I'll just post some of the recipes.

Here is the list

My soups:
Irish Potato and Leek Soup
Corn Chowder
Cauliflower soup

Her soups:
Classic Butternut Squash Soup
Simple Pumpkin Soup
Homestyle Chicken soup

Recipes to come. (I thought it would be easier to share them if they were individual posts) Keep in mind that many of these were recipes we found on the web long ago (some more recently), so if you're the originator of the recipe, kudos to you for coming up with such a delicious recipe. My family thanks you.

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