Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Randomness

Why is teaching reading to a kindergartner so exciting, but teaching reading to a first grader is mind numbing. I guess it's one area of teaching where I haven't developed patience yet.

I tend to do that, ya know. I expect my kids to get something on their first try. I mean, after all, it's sooo easy for me to do it. ;)

I did the same thing with potty training. I did great for the first couple of months because my expectations were such that I figured it would take a few months for them to master the art. With each child I was proven wrong. Now, with my fourth, I expect potty training to take at least two years. With my third I finally raised my expectations from a few months to 1 year. She's still having accidents.

On that note, I've learned that my third child cannot drink tea unless there is a bathroom readily accessible for the next several hours. I've never known tea to affect someone in that way before. It's a bit frustrating because I really would love to have tea with her more often.

I am about to go through my house and throw everything away... again. I am surrounded by piles of paper and useless objects. I want to get rid of my children's toys, but I know they would like to play with them. I keep most of them locked away because it's too overwhelming for them to keep all of the accessible and still be able to clean up after themselves.

I used to hate the idea of barrister bookcases. Those are the ones with the sliding glass panels that drop down over the books. They are beautiful to look at, but they make it more difficult to access the books inside. Now that I have children who like to get all the books off of their bookshelf and lay them all over the floor, barrister bookcases seem like such a nice idea.

One thing I certainly haven't mastered as a mom is the delicate balance between controlling my children and giving them freedom to learn from their own mistakes. This is one area where I would really love to excel. Of course, I don’t want to learn this over the next several years of motherhood. I just want to be good at it right now. :)

Maybe I've ranted about this before, but it frustrates me that I have three little girls and I have no time to sew for them. I realize that when they are older I will have more free time. I realize that when I have more free time I will be able to sew more often. The problem is, I want to sew clothes for them to wear now. I'm sure that my grandchildren will be inundated with homemade clothes from grandma, but it frustrates me that I cannot do this for my girls now.

I wish my baby was more cuddly. I have had cuddly children before. I love my baby, but she doesn't want to cuddle. I feel like a moron writing that one out. I feel like some will read this and judge me as one who doesn't appreciate her child's uniqueness. But that's truly how I feel. Sorry if you're offended.

My son has only been doing 6th grade for one week and already he has impressed me. I hope his determination and hard work will continue as the school year progresses. I want to take him to the Melting Pot sometime, but life keeps getting in the way. I wish we could spend more time together one on one.

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