Monday, October 28, 2013

Counting Blessings

Some days it's harder to count my blessings.  Sometimes we, as mothers, are hit with a deluge of bad circumstances that threaten to drag us under.  Today has been one of those days, and it's not over yet.

I can feel in my gut that today is a test to see how I weather under abnormally adverse circumstances.  I am determined to pass that test the first time.

First, I prayed for God to guide my steps, and I've tried really hard to follow His leading.  I'm doing just that in writing this blog post even though I feel my skin crawl as I get more and more behind sitting here.

Second, I am going to write a list of things I'm thankful for thus far today.
1) I'm thankful that the head lice was only found on two of my children rather than on all four.
2) I'm thankful that one of them has very thick hair even though it's harder to apply the necessary medicated lotions, and even though her hair seems to be much more lice ridden.
3) I'm thankful that one of them has hair that is thinner, although it is more wavy and hard to maintain, because it's much easier to apply the necessary anti-lice products.
4) I'm thankful my children know how to do laundry, so I'm not the only one washing bed linens.
5) I'm thankful that I have a working washer and dryer as it makes washing linens so much easier.
6) I'm thankful that the children took the initiative to put bowls on the dining room table to catch the drips coming through the ceiling from their bathroom.
7) I'm thankful that I was able to easily diagnose what was causing the drips (a simple toilet overflow) and fix it without calling a repair man (yet).
8) I'm thankful that there were clean towels available to mop up the toilet water, and I'm thankful that my kids' bathroom floor is now much cleaner than it was.
9) I'm thankful that I was able to take a shower and eat food today even though it was much later than I would have preferred.
10) I'm thankful that I wasn't out of laundry detergent or shampoo, or floor cleaner or any other necessary items to clean up the sundry messes that were made today.
11) I'm thankful that laundry was relatively caught up, so I wasn't piling on even more work.
12) I'm thankful that I already had something on hand to give my homeschooling friend for dinner tonight.
13) I'm thankful that I don't have a broken hip like the homeschooling friend I'm feeding dinner to tonight.
14) I'm thankful that my tire was only low on air, and not flat when I got in the van to pick up lice medication.
15) I'm thankful for a music teacher who comes to my house to teach my children, even though today ended up being a not-so-great day for adding in three half-hour music lessons to the rest of the tumult.
16) I'm thankful for the finances to pay for mouth surgery, even though I would like to cancel that appointment for a second time right now.
17) I'm thankful that my hubby prays for me when I text him, and calls me to check up on things even if that phone call comes as I'm cleaning cat poop out of the tub so I can shampoo my daughters' hair.
18) I'm thankful for two cute kitties, even if they insist that the tub is a much more delightful place to poo than their litter pan.
19) I'm thankful for four capable children who had patience with me even though I yelled a bit this morning at how slow they were reacting.
20) I'm thankful for children who were very understanding when I explained that I was not upset with them, but at the circumstances of the day thus far.

I think that's good enough for now.  I admit some of this was typed with internal sarcasm, but I really am thankful for the many things God has done for me, even in light of all the yucky stuff I have to deal with now and then.

Now to get back to the general havoc of the day.

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