Wednesday, June 20, 2012

True Self Esteem

I have a few questions for you, my reader.  I'll keep this short and sweet... no, really this time!

Has anyone ever paid you a compliment?

If you answered that with a yes, then let's get more specific.

Has anyone who really likes you paid you a compliment?

I'm not talking about some flatterer who says something nice about everyone.  I'm talking about someone who spends time with you when you aren't feeling very well.  I'm talking about someone who has seen you cry.  For girls, I'm talking about someone who can tell you honestly if that dress makes you look fat and you won't get angry at them.  For guys, I'm talking about someone who can beat you, but still wants to play with you anyway.

Have they ever paid you a compliment?

Now my final question.

Did you believe them or did you listen to what they said and then blow it off?

Here's what I've learned.  If someone you trust pays you a compliment, it's probably true.  It's time for you to stop shaking your head, or denying it, or thinking, "They're only saying that because they like me."  Yes!!! They are saying it because they LIKE you.  If they didn't like you then they wouldn't say it.  In order for them to like you, you must have been like-able at some point.

The next time someone you trust pays you a compliment, OWN IT!!!  Say to yourself, "Yeah, that's me."

Now, here's the most important part... I'm not saying all this to turn everyone into prideful morons.  Because once you truly believe that you are awesome, your job is to make everyone around you feel awesome too.  True self esteem is not just walking around feeling great about yourself.  It's being so confident in your unique abilities that you don't waste time thinking about yourself anymore.  It's being so confident in your unique abilities that you start using that awesomeness to help others find their unique abilities.

So from now on:

If someone tells you you're awesome, smile and say thank you... and mean it.  Then think about someone you love, someone who trusts you, and tell them they're awesome.  And, once you convince your friends that they're awesome, start making new friends, and convince them that they're awesome.

Oh, and by the way... all my friends are awesome.

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