Monday, May 14, 2012

The Trouble with 'Why'

I've recently discovered a very naughty word.  Okay, so I've known about it for some time.  I just didn't realize it's power until recently.

I read a book (scandalous) and ever since I've been using this word.  Well, I've used it before, but not as profusely, nor as boldly.

When I was younger I used the word primarily in my mind.  My fear of being thought of as foolish kept me from using it out loud.  I was worried that others might think I should have known the answers long ago.  I was worried that my use of it might be offensive.

Now I use it every day.  I use it in every situation.  I use it prolifically.  It permeates my religion, my education, my diet.  No situation is too genteel to quiet my tongue.

In fact, I'll use it here.  Why

I'll use it again.  WHY!

Insignificant, you say?  Apparently not.

Ask a evangelical why they treat homosexuals differently than gluttons.

Ask a homosexual why they must tell everyone what they like to do in the bedroom.

Ask a progressive why their agenda is going to work this time when it hasn't worked long-term in any other government in the history of mankind.

Ask a republican why it's okay to bow to the liberal agenda in order to get re-elected.

Ask a college professor why they are threatened by a students Christianity.

There's more

Why do some people preach that God is silent now that the Bible is complete?

Why do some "Christian" churches treat women no better than the Muslims do?

Why do we keep trusting the FDA to make decisions about what is healthy?

Why do we spend so much time watching pretend people live exciting lives on TV instead of getting out there and living our own lives?

Why do people complain that the education system in America is broken and yet continue to give up their children to it?

Why are there so many versions of history?

I'm not sure what the answers are yet, but I no longer worry about my use of the word.  By using it I may rock the boat of casual indifference, but by ignoring it I do myself and my fellow man injustice.

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  1. You ask why?
    I ask why not?
    Always love reading your thoughts!