Friday, April 27, 2012

A Voice of Encouragement

I recently had the incredible opportunity to take my kids to California.  I was able to show them where I grew up, and had the opportunity to meet up with a few old friends while I was there.

One of those friends is a girl I met when I was in 6th grade.  We were pretty close.  When we met last month it was as if we had never been apart.  She has two adorable children ages 3 and 4.

While we were watching the kids play we were able to have several deep conversations and most of them centered around our children and struggles we have as mothers. Near the end of our time together she said something that was surprising to me.  She told me that I had encouraged her with a lot of what I had to say.  I don't think I can convey adequately what this meant to me.

I am a typical American stay-at-home-mom.  As such I am constantly grappling with my worth.  I wonder if I'm training my children properly, if I'm contributing to society enough, if I'm doing enough to support the cost of a family as large as mine.  Even though I am surrounded by peers who are encouraging, there is something in the air around me (and others I suspect) that seems intent on making me feel inadequate.

(c) Anne Taintor

Thank you Women's Lib for ruining the psyche of so many women who are passionate about their families.

As I was saying, my friend's comment really struck a chord with me.  My thinking afterward went something like this, "I have four children.  My oldest one is is 14.  I have dealt with strong wills, boundless childhood energy, trips to the ER, and many other things.  Maybe, just maybe I have something to share with other moms."
(c) Anne Taintor

Ok, I admit I've thought of this before.  Who doesn't think now and then that they have advice to give.  Honestly, I've considered it many times, but somewhere in the back of my brain a little voice says, "There are so many women out there who could probably say the same thing better."

Well, not anymore.  I want to be encouraging.  I want other moms to know that their kids aren't weird, or bad for being inquisitive and energetic.  I want them to know that loud children can be embarrassing, but can also come up with some really amazing insights.  I want them to know that it's normal for kids to burn off energy by turning into that hyper cat from the cat food commercial now and then.  I want them to know that children are incredibly smart and that you have to stay one step ahead of them at all times.  I want them to know that anyone can teach their child, and that homeschooling is not limited to super moms, but to anyone who is called to do it.

More to come.


  1. thank you for this - you do have a way with words - thanks for sharing from your heart ( it was great to see you during your visit )

  2. Considering the day I had yesterday, this is just what the doctor ordered!
    Just goes to show, even though this is second time around for me, I still need to be encouraged.