Friday, January 6, 2012

It's My Birthday

Another year has passed, and a new one has just begun in my life.  I was hoping I could write this jaw-dropping, deeply thought-provoking blog that everyone would ooh and ahh over.

Sorry to disappoint.

Late last night I was planning to head to the grocery store to buy everything I need to make lasagna today.  My hubby gave me a gift of service, and went to the store for me.  He even bought me flowers.  He said he was planning to get them for me today, but since we have a busy schedule on Fridays he went ahead and got them early.

This morning I cuddled with my three beautiful girls.  Then I got up to make breakfast, and the girls helped me make the bed.

For breakfast I made French toast and bacon.  I made it more for my kids than myself.  Sometimes giving gifts to others brings so much joy to me that it's almost as if I'm the one getting the gift.  I bought some blueberry syrup at Aldi's yesterday when I went on my post-vacation restock run.  It was delicious on the French toast.

Normally my hubby takes me out for my birthday.  Because we have church on Friday nights, and because we just got back from vacation My hubby and I decided to wait until next week to celebrate my birthday.  I decided to make a nice dinner for tonight (part of the reason I needed to go shopping last night).  After chores were done I started working on the meat sauce for the lasagna.

To my surprise, just as I finished the prep work for the meat sauce, my best friend called me and asked me out to lunch.  She took me out for Mexican food (one of my favorites!!)  Then she took me to Starbucks for coffee.

While we were at Starbucks I decided to pick up a few clearanced Christmas items.  Because it was busy, the cashier rang up our coffee along with my items even though I tried to tell her that they were supposed to be separate orders.  My friend really wanted to pay for my coffee since I usually buy it when we're out together.  She was planning on paying with a gift card she was carrying, and didn't have any cash to pay for the coffee part of our order.  I looked down and saw a crumpled up bill on the floor.  It was a $10!!!  It paid for the coffee.

After I got home I finished up the lasagna prep while watching the biggest loser on my DVR, sans commercials.  While I was watching, my middle daughter brought me this card (hidden inside a large ball ornament).

Then I cleaned up a bit and vegged on the computer for a while.  I uploaded a bunch of pictures on Facebook, and updated my Bethimus Designs page.  My hubby came home early after an appointment with his endodontist, and I popped the lasagna in the oven.

When my youngest woke up, the congestion in her chest confirmed that I will be missing church tonight.  She was choking on phlegm so badly that she spit up a little.  Since I'm the nursery coordinator, it would be a bit hypocritical to take her in since the rules clearly state that no children are allowed who have thrown up in the past 24 hours.

We ate our delicious dinner as a family, except of course for my little one, who's tummy didn't fancy the heavy food.  We had navel oranges with the lasagna and my hubby and I had Virgil's soda.  Then Hubby took the older three kids with him to church, and I played computer games while my little one watched cartoons.  Oh, and I had a little bit of peppermint bark leftover from Christmas.

Well, that was my day.  It was a lot of fun (except for the little one being sick).  Goodnight.  

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  1. I'm so happy you had a good day :o)
    The flowers are beautiful and I love the card!! Happy Birthday <3